Got a 3D model (.stl file) to print? I own a hobbyist 3D printer, and provide a small-volume, fast turnaround printing service. Orders can be picked up at my home near Kitsilano, Vancouver (Canada). Email printing@alistairwick.com to get a quote, or to find out more.


If you’ve exported your files from software like Solidworks or Inventor, or downloaded the file from a website like Thingiverse, your files will likely be printable. I can usually fix non-printable files, but may charge for this service depending on the model.

3D Modelling

I can manipulate and fix 3D files, and design practical parts for 3D printing. If you’ve got an idea for a part, a 3D scan to clean up, or 2D drawings you’d like to turn 3D, get in touch at the email above.


Here looking for my 3DHubs order widget? Unfortunately, they no longer host smaller providers like myself - they’ve consolidated into a fabrication service aimed at industrial clients. If you’ve worked with me in the past and have more stuff to print, contact me at the email above!